With V2, Warp will become a unique lending platform for assets with limited options for collateralization. Warp V2 will create new opportunities for users and protocols alike, expanding the crypto-lending space.

Warp Finance is eager to announce that its V2 smart contract infrastructure has been audited by renowned security auditing firm Trail of Bits. The firm worked to identify any shortcomings in the Warp smart contract code and suggested changes that could help us protect our protocol and our users.

In order to revamp the Warp Token model and enhance user benefits, Warp Finance is enabling governance and other new functionalities by releasing veWarp tokens.

DeFi lending and borrowing on assets outside of the norm is near-impossible. To answer the call of the community, Warp is unveiling the capability for custom isolated lending pairs, which can be built by users and are optimized for the best interest rates and lowest gas fees.

Warp Finance is excited to announce its plans to add three new functionalities: Uniswap V3 support, lending pool generation, and layer 2 asset transfer facilitation. We have opted to take on these new functions, in addition to our existing function providing loans on LP tokens, as they address large unmet market needs within DeFi. Continue reading to find out more about our plans to implement these new features, and to understand why they are so beneficial to DeFi users.

While layer 2 has alleviated the slowdowns and high gas fees plaguing layer 1, transfers between layer 2 and layer 1 assets will beproblematic, potentially taking weeks to go through. Warp Finance steps in to resolve these issues, providing an efficient cross-layer value transfer solution.

Warp Finance is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Archer DAO (https://www.archerdao.io/). This partnership will facilitate the liquidation of non-compliant loans from the Warp Protocol utilizing the Archer DAO Protocol, ensuring that these loans do not have negative impacts on the overall Warp ecosystem.

Warp Finance is dedicated to improving the decentralized finance (DeFi) space for its users. We do so via providing a novel use case for liquidity provisioning (LP) tokens, enabling them to be input as collateral for stablecoin loans.

The main function of the Warp Protocol is to allow users to receive stablecoin loans that have been collateralized with liquidity provisioning (LP) tokens — however, the ultimate vision of Warp Finance is much broader. Our true mission is to provide second order liquidity for the decentralized finance (DeFi) space with our platform functionality. Second order liquidity has many important uses and applications in DeFi, and must be supported in order to sustain and expand the industry.

The liquidity rush represents one of many ways Warp puts its users first, offering rewards on liquidity provisioning using the platform’s Warp Tokens.

Warp Finance

An optimized lending solution powering a liquidity engine.

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