The $warp magazine edition #01

A New Beginning

  1. Warp v2 Beta run-through explainer video
  2. Warp v2 Beta run-through explainer script
  3. AMA outlining the platform & addressing questions
  4. Deconstructing the Warp vision
  5. Landing page
  6. New platform
  7. Old platform

Dev Updates

Chisel Testnet — Deployed on Kovan

Liquidation Helper Contract

Submit Feedback Process

$WARP Community

Q.1: Will Warp Finance partner with other projects and onboard additional lending pairs? (Shiba Master, Telegram)

Q.2: Full-featured Warp v2 launch was promised earlier this year but the team only recently launched a Beta version without key features such as Chisel and $veWARP. Why? (Mike J, Telegram)

Q.3: Has Warp Finance moved on from the OHM liquidity proposal? (@Kevin_delvas, Telegram)

Stiive Alpha

Servicing the Next Phase of a Maturing DeFi

  • All of our lending pairs are isolated, with explicit and limited counterparty asset risk exposure. This is in contrast to the current status quo of lending platform forked code as solidified in the previous bull run.
  • In contrast to many current money markets, we will only lend out exogenous stablecoins, rather than mint our stablecoin using supplied collateral as backing. This lowers our costs (no requirement to defend peg), and minimizes external risk and trust requirements, making our platform more attractive to partner with a wider variety of B2B use cases. Furthermore, we will also offer isolated lending pools for regulated assets such as stablecoins (for example, Lummis and Gillibrand, Toomey, etc.) as the regulatory environment catches up.
  • Warp’s USP is focused on borrowing against niche-yielding positions. However, the team is very cognizant of delivering yield which results from primary services, rather than unsustainable Ponzi strategies.

Designing the Ultimate Incentive Mechanism

Monday Blues

The latest internal news! 🤫

Element Finance, my Dear Watson

Synergies and Analogies

  • Demand for leverage will determine the interest rate, and suppliers will likely result in the lion’s share of the underlying yield.
  • 100% utilization shall represent an interest greater than the fixed yield and therefore the lending position should always remain liquid.
  • Supply risk is always lower than borrow risk.
  • Asset suppliers will be further incentivized through rewards.
  • Regulation and compliance; perhaps users can only have exposure to USDC and not ePyvUSDC or other PT assets.

Concluding Note



DeFi’s first isolated lending protocol that optimizes yield-bearing receipt assets, and much more!

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Warp Finance

DeFi’s first isolated lending protocol that optimizes yield-bearing receipt assets, and much more!