The $warp magazine edition #02

The #Warparmy Rises

  1. Warp v2 Beta run-through explainer video
  2. Warp v2 Beta run-through explainer script
  3. AMA outlining the platform & addressing questions
  4. Deconstructing the Warp vision
  5. The $warp magazine edition #01
  6. Landing page
  7. New platform
  8. Old platform

Dev Updates

Further Work on the Chisel Implementation

  1. Chisel and Blacksmith Deployment on Kovan for Testing: To improve system quality, we deployed the whole system with minor changes along with the Chisel implementation on Kovan. The goal is to prepare smart contracts for internal and external audits. We have already defined test cases for extensive testing sessions, and testing is underway.
  2. Work on Chisel Functionality: Chisel is a liquidity-directing contract, allowing authorized operators to direct liquidity to different isolated lending pairs. The benefit for ordinary users is the ability to invest in multiple lending pairs at once, without having to rebalance funds themselves. Throughout the testing period, we will ensure that all edge cases perform as expected so that we can achieve all aspects of the unique value proposition as intended, before sending the Chisel implementation for audit.
  3. Chisel Documentation Update: To define the Chisel functionality in the best manner possible and improve future maintainability, we created internal documentation highlighting its functionality. The documentation consists of explanations, sequence diagrams, and outlines.

Oracles Research and Finalization

Post-Beta Vision

$WARP Community

Q.1: Why didn’t Warp Finance have a plan in place to bootstrap liquidity right away after the liquidity rush program ended? (Ian, Telegram)

Q.2: Who are the top holders of the $WARP token? (Babilonczyk, Telegram)

Q.3: Will there be a new roadmap released with dated targets, such as release dates for new lending pairs, Chisel, and $veWARP? (Alain023, Telegram)

Stiive Alpha


Two New Launch Pairs

  • An updated USDC<>ePyvUSDC pair with 98% LTV, and a no-liquidation guarantee.
  • A new USDC<>ePyvCurve-alUSD pair with 98% LTV and a high fixed APY discount.

Examples of Leveraging FIXED Rate APY



  • The discounted ePyvCurve-alUSD purchased will always be redeemable for alUSD3CRV-f at term expiry and only partially (~54%) priced to alUSD.
  • At the time of writing, alUSD3CRV-f is currently composed of:
  • 54.46% $alUSD
  • 15.2% $DAI
  • 14.9% $USDC
  • 15.4% $USDT
  • Similar to DAI, alUSD is heavily overcollateralized and therefore a relatively safe asset (i.e. not a Ponzi stable).
  • The loan having stable collateral (~50% alUSD and ~50% 3CRV) and stable debt ($USDC) means volatility (is) and liquidation risks should be low.
  • Since ePyvCurve-alUSD is derived from a curve LP position, by accessing this great APY you are actually deepening alUSD liquidity and strengthening their peg (that is, actively decreasing depegging risk).

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Looping, the Ultimate Gains Multiplier

Monday Blues

The Latest Internal News! 🤫

Internal Leak #1 — Near-Future Features

Concluding Note

  • High-leverage farming opportunities with a no-liquidation guarantee on select pairs.
  • No yield risk — yield is FIXED and determined at the time of opening a position:
  • Fixed APY represents the minimum achievable yield but can be many multitudes higher!
  • Isolating risk exposure through isolated lending pairs.
  • #RealYield paid in trusted tokens, especially stablecoins like USDC.
  • Simple UX with one-click, mega-leverage.
  • The novel game theory incentivizes users to promote farming opportunities to other users, rather than hiding the opportunity as Alpha to avoid yield dilution.
  • All the while offering mind-blowing APY potential (1k%+). 🤯



DeFi’s first isolated lending protocol that optimizes yield-bearing receipt assets, and much more!

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Warp Finance

DeFi’s first isolated lending protocol that optimizes yield-bearing receipt assets, and much more!