The WARP Portal Is Opening — December 9th (Official Protocol Launch)


  • $WARP reward accumulation will begin on December 10th, 18:00 UTC and all rewards will be distributed retroactively over 6 months, starting from TGE.
  • The deposit and withdrawal-only period will last one week. Rewards will be earned by depositing supported stablecoins and/or Uniswap LP Tokens.
  • When borrowing is enabled in the second week, rewards will be earned by depositing stablecoins and outstanding loan amounts.
  • Audit of smart contracts has been completed by Hacken. Full release to be deployed when smart contracts are launched.

Dear Traveler,

  • Website:
  • Audit: Completed by Full report to be released when contracts are deployed to mainnet.
  • Total liquidity mining rewards: 19.15% of total WARP: full token distribution and metrics here.
  • Monthly rewards/inflation: ~1.064% of supply.
  • Vesting schedule for retroactive distribution: Vested over 6 months starting on TGE.
  • Vesting schedule for rewards earned after TGE: Immediate.
  • $WARP token contract address: Will be provided once the token is launched.



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