V2 Update & announcement of the Warp Me Contest with a 20 $WARP reward pool

V2 Warp Me Competition

Competition Details

  • Ensure that the meme is specific to Warp and relevant to Warp V2 — such as Isolated Lending Pairs, Element Finance PT Use-Cases, Chisel, veWarp etc…
  • Explain what V2 means for DeFi, why should users be excited, highlight specific use-cases that can appeal to an audience that may not have heard of Warp.
  • We are specifically looking for either hype or explainer (educational) type of video content. Ensure the content is relevant to Warp V2 — the Blacksmith Update.
  • Warp inspired Art/NFTs and Creative GIF’s (not memes) highlighting concepts or showcasing visual and creative alignment with the Warp brand.

To follow the Warp Protocol as we carry out these new endeavours, check out our socials:



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