Warp devlog #007

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3 min readMay 13, 2022


Hello Warp Community,

As we have shared with the community last week, we are having our AMA on Twitter Spaces this Sunday, the 15th of May at 16:00 CET. The Warp team will be dropping some alpha on its vision and unveiling the newest member of the team. In our current position, we continue with implementing updates from the series of tests we are carrying out on the Warp V2 code ahead of the Blacksmith update. This week, we focused on some UI fixes and have the Warp V2 frontend tested for functionality ahead of launch.

UI Improvements

Market overview page improvements: Users will be able to view pools for expired Principal Tokens (PT) and live pools from the market overview page. This feature will enable users to view all the available pools from a spot and make LP decisions or lending with ease.

Dashboard to display user’s Assets: The dashboard will now display assets. During the QA testing, the Warp team discovered that minted tokens were somehow lost in transition and did not appear as assets in the wallet nor as token counts on the site. The UI is now improved and users now have a ‘Portfolio’ where they can view their active positions in an isolated pool on the Dashboard.

Note: Image is the testnet view

QA Testing

Trezor Wallet and Metamask signing in: During the QA testing, we discovered an EIP-1559 related problem when using the ‘grant access function.’ Improvements are being made and there is an option in the connect wallet section where users can signify ‘sign with Trezor.’ In other words, we are working to ensure that Warp users can sign in with Trezor wallet upon launch with ease.

The Warp Dev team has also carried out a suite of tests in different phases to ensure that the UI functions seamlessly. For instance, the public testnet QA tests V1 focused on the SC behavior, the overview page, and the lending and borrowing functionality. A significant portion of reported bugs and critical issues discovered during this testing phase were resolved. On the other hand, the Alpha-Public test focused on community tests and feedback on Warp V2 on the test site (https://testnet.warp.finance/). We are still in the middle of tests and are currently updating the liquidation documentation.

We look forward to having the AMA with the community and announcing the winners of the Warp meme competition. You can drop your questions ahead of the AMA on the Discord / Telegram channels and our CMs will compile them ahead of the event.

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