Warp devlog #09

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3 min readMay 28, 2022


Hello Warp Community,

This week our development team continued to merge UI fixes from client reported bugs. Our team is also making exciting progress in updating veWarp and Chisel, as well as the documentation. A special congratulations to all the Warp Meme competition winners; all tokens have been rewarded, and we again want to thank everyone for their submissions.

During our latest AMA, our team mentioned the considerable development being deployed towards the progress of future implementations, such as veWarp and Chisel. As we received exciting feedback regarding this information and requests to include some more info in the dev logs to reflect this development, we are including development updates of future implementations in this week’s dev log.

veWarp update

The Warp development team is updating and finalizing the veWarp token, which will serve as the core of Warp’s infrastructure. Fixes have been made and implemented on the veWarp design. A new overview page has been created for veWarp, and it is ready to be tested and integrated.

The veWarp overview page is ready on the front end of things, and users can view the amounts of veWarp, Warp, lock period, and rewards. The veWarp Escrow Voting contract has also been completed and is currently undergoing testing.

Chisel update

Updates and fixes have been carried out on Chisel, Warp’s liquidity vault, for transferring liquidity across multiple instances in the ecosystem. This week's updates pertained to the Chisel Contract, which enables users to deposit into Chisel and receive receiptTokens. Currently, the dev team is focused on ensuring that the contract works seamlessly and continues with testing and update implementation for launch while also updating the Chisel documentation.

Merging UI Fixes

We continue with our QA testing as the Warp Devs update and merge reported bugs and their respective fixes. For instance, we identified a bug that caused a crash when connecting Metamask on the homepage, fixes have been implemented so users can now seamlessly connect their Metamask wallet on the homepage without issues. Once connected, the user is directed to the Warp overview page. Another client reported a bug that has been fixed concerning using Google translate on the Warp website. When translating the website using Google translate option (Chrome embedded) to other languages than the designed one, the ‘Earn menu’ page crashed. The bug has been fixed, and now users can access the page in multiple languages.

More updates and implementation continue. The Warp dev team is focusing on testing the V2 contracts on-chain before deploying on mainnet.

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