Warp devlog #12

Warp Finance
2 min readJun 17, 2022

Hello Warp Community,

As a followup on our updates from last week, our Devs are continuing to work on the veWarp gauges. We have completed code review on the liquidation bot and accrued interest service and are preparing the application for the final testing round. This week our development team focused on working on deploying Warp on multiple chains, cross layer lending and function calling. Here is a breakdown of the updates, testing, and implementations made this week.

Prepare application for final testing round

We have updated the Warp UI and are currently working on updating all old smart contracts and addresses as we move to the final testing round. In addition, the documentation is in progress ahead of the testing round. The testing will enable the team to carry out quality assurance ahead of the Blacksmith update. Subsequent updates will ensure that the subgraph and liquidation bot service are deployed with the updated addresses and contracts. We are also working to ensure that we carry out a round of testing on Kovan for the liquidation function before deploying on mainnet. We will also deploy all V2 contracts (LendingPair, LiquidationHelper, etc.) to mainnet and set up a way to interact with them there when testing the Liquidation on mainnet.

Update on the Liquidation Bot

The v1 liquidation subgraph bot was down temporarily. As we are in the testing phase working on the behavior of the Liquidation bot ahead of V2, changes were made to the merge requests and the subgraph was reviewed. The API has now been redeployed with the newly fixed subgraph.

Code Review

More QA processes were carried out in order to prepare for the upcoming final round of testing. First we carried out a review on the liquidation bot. Similarly, we are carrying out a review on the accrue interest service code and documenting findings as the review progresses.

Warp is focused on providing cross chain lending across the DeFi ecosystem. Hence, our devs are working on cross layer lending and function calling and implementing Warp on multiple chains. This function will enable users to lend and borrow across chains when fully integrated.

We are getting a clearer picture at the Blacksmith Update as we carry out more tests and updates. The Warp dev team is focusing on finalizing all tests ahead of V2.

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