Warp devlog #14

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3 min readJul 11, 2022


Greetings Warp Community!

As we inch ever closer to the Beta launch of Warp v2, we are delighted to bring to you the latest development activity in the world of Warp! Before we dive into what our Devs have been working on since the last Warp devlog was published, we have arranged an exciting competition for the Warp Twitter community!

With the imminent arrival of the Beta launch of the Blacksmith update this month, are you as pumped up as we are? Details below!

  • The competition will commence on 11th July (at the time of publishing) and conclude on 15th July at 17:00 UTC.
  • To participate in the competition, you must publish a tweet expressing your excitement for Warp v2 launch. You can mention the v2 features/use cases you are most excited about, how the Warp team is introducing a new DeFi paradigm with v2 launch, etc. — the floor is yours, let your creative juices flow and make it count!
  • You must use the hashtag #WarpCommunity AND 2 of the following hashtags — #Warp, #WarpFinance, #Warpv2, #WarpWars, #Warped, or #WarpSpeed.
  • The best tweets will be published on the Warp Twitter handle and shared in the Warp Telegram community!

P.S: We love a good meme. Special mentions to those who create an eye-catching meme! 😉

Last week, our tireless Devs continued work on the Service Public API implementation and veWARP feature-set development. Since then, they have been working on:

Mainnet Deployment of the Beta Blacksmith Upgrade

We deployed Warp v2 Beta on Kovan Testnet and reviewed and verified expected flows on v2 Beta smart contracts. We also checked environment variables and deployment scripts in anticipation of the mainnet deployment of the Beta Blacksmith update. Once the Beta Blacksmith upgrade is deployed on the mainnet, we will deploy the subgraph in the backend with updated addresses and contracts and update liquidator configurations in the backend.

End-to-end Testing of the Deposit, Borrow, and Earn Processes

We integrated the Earning API and Borrow API in the frontend to display correct values for “Earned”, “APY”, “Deposited”, and “Borrowed” on the Overview page and commenced end-to-end testing. When a lender deposits a borrow asset on Warp, borrowers can take out loans and the lender earns interest on the deposited sum. We performed end-to-end testing to determine whether the correct values are displayed on the frontend, for when a lender deposits a borrow asset, a borrower takes out a loan, and the lender earns interest on the loaned amount. We also performed end-to-end testing to verify “Withdraw + Claim” behavior and found that each component is working as expected.

We expect to complete Beta development by the end of next week and will commence final, thorough testing and QA on the mainnet shortly after — this should take about a week and includes general testing of the Warp Beta feature-set.

Our Devs will continue to develop Warp v2 beyond the Beta launch and we hope to bring to you the full-feature launch of the protocol very soon — this will include the much-awaited Chisel and veWARP implementations! 🥳

Let’s Warp things up #WarpCommunity! 🚀

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