Warp devlog #14

  • The competition will commence on 11th July (at the time of publishing) and conclude on 15th July at 17:00 UTC.
  • To participate in the competition, you must publish a tweet expressing your excitement for Warp v2 launch. You can mention the v2 features/use cases you are most excited about, how the Warp team is introducing a new DeFi paradigm with v2 launch, etc. — the floor is yours, let your creative juices flow and make it count!
  • You must use the hashtag #WarpCommunity AND 2 of the following hashtags — #Warp, #WarpFinance, #Warpv2, #WarpWars, #Warped, or #WarpSpeed.
  • The best tweets will be published on the Warp Twitter handle and shared in the Warp Telegram community!

Mainnet Deployment of the Beta Blacksmith Upgrade

End-to-end Testing of the Deposit, Borrow, and Earn Processes



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Warp Finance

Warp Finance

DeFi’s first isolated lending protocol that optimizes yield-bearing receipt assets, and much more!