Warp devlog #15

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3 min readJul 18, 2022


Greetings Warp Community!

Welcome to the latest edition of our devlog series! In recent weeks, we declared the imminent Beta launch of Warp v2 — we are edging ever-closer to the Blacksmith update and are delighted to bring to your attention the latest updates governing Beta development! We are well on course for an end-of-July launch and are in the final stages of development and testing.

Last week, we arranged a competition for the Warp Twitter community. The results were heartening and we have published some of the best tweets on the Warp Twitter handle already! We are extending the competition till the end of this week — 22nd July at 17:00 UTC — and look forward to your continued love and support.

As mentioned before, we appreciate a good meme! 😉

Last week, our industrious Devs continued work on the mainnet deployment of the Beta Blacksmith upgrade and performed end-to-end testing of the deposit, borrow, and earn processes. Since then, they have been working on the following:

Portfolio Page Implementation

We began discussing and documenting methods to improve the outlook of the Portfolio page to display the values the end-user really cares about. This includes how much Borrow asset the end-user currently owes (based on their borrowing activity and accrued interest), how much Borrow asset the end-user currently has (based on their deposits and earnings), and how much collateral the end-user currently has.

As a result, we adjusted the main API service on the backend side and are currently in the process of integrating it into the latest UI version. It should be noted that the Portfolio page will take into account every isolated lending pair — the Portfolio Overview section will display the aggregated values and the Active Positions section will display the current status for each pair separately.

Isolated Lending Pairs Expiration Date Development

Each isolated lending pair on v2 Beta will have an expiration date (just like Element Finance) and once it reaches that date, it will no longer be possible to conduct any more deposits or borrows in that specific lending pair — only withdrawals will be possible for the same. As the expiration date feature is not a direct part of our contracts though, we had to come up with a different way to incorporate it into our system.

Originally, our plan for v2 Beta was to automate lending pair initialization and setting each expiration date in accordance with Element Finance. However, we have decided to handle this process manually to make sure it is done correctly. Expiration dates will not be shown directly onchain, but on the UI. To this end, we implemented a simple mechanism for reading lending pair expiration dates from a specially-created database as a part of the main API service. This mechanism has been integrated into the frontend.

Our Devs are also working on improving internal scripts for contract deployment, initialization, and testing. They are also fixing the last remaining QA issues on the frontend side to make it more accessible to the end-user.

Be rest assured that we are working tirelessly towards launching the Beta version of the Blacksmith upgrade as soon as possible. We will release a blog covering our vision for Warp v2 very soon, so turn on your notifications and sit tight! 🥳

Let’s Warp things up #WarpCommunity! 🚀

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