Warp devlog #16

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3 min readJul 21, 2022


Greetings Warp Community!

The 16th edition of our devlog series is here! We are steadily working on Warp v2 Beta development and testing and reaffirm our commitment to launching the Blacksmith update by the end of this month. We thank the Warp community for their continued love and support and are as excited as you are for the launch!

We are wrapping up proceedings with regards to our two-week-long tweet/meme competition and are delighted with the results. We published the tweets we liked most — thank you for making it special, Warp community! We will host an open-session AMA once Warp v2 Beta is launched and introduce competitions that are specially designed to catch your fancy — and reward your hard work!

As always, turn on your notifications and follow our social media channels! Getting to the part you have been waiting for, last week, our Devs worked on the Portfolio page implementation, lending pairs expiration date development, internal Blacksmith script improvement, and fixing the last remaining QA issues on the frontend side.

Since then, they have been working on the following:

Integrating the Latest Version of Main API Service to the UI

During integration, we discovered some bugs on the API level, which have been inadvertently fixed. Some of these bugs include the displayed ‘Deposited’ value not updating timely due to a minor caching error, incorrect expiration timestamp used for our initial isolated lending pair (due to different time zones), and ‘Portfolio’ page displaying ‘Active Positions’ to users even after they repay and withdraw their capital from the corresponding lending pool.

On the frontend side, we are in the process of integrating the main API service. We are performing continuous tests, fixing all issues, such as incorrect rounding, formatting of displayed values, etc., and redeploying the UI until there are no further critical issues. We are actively working towards fixing these and are on the right track. 😄

Researching and Revamping Tests, Scripts, and Configurations for Mainnet Contract Deployment

We are in the process of fixing automated internal tests and determining the first lending pair we will release with v2 Beta — and obtaining all the necessary parameters for it. We are also revamping deployment scripts for the mainnet — certain contracts, such as LiquidationHelper must be set up differently on the mainnet. Finally, we are weighing options for the best method of implementation and deployment of price oracles. Oracles will provide price determination for borrow and collateral assets of all Beta-supported lending pairs by aggregating price information across the market.

What is Left to Do Before Warp v2 Beta Launch?

Warp community, we are almost there, so sit tight and enjoy the ride! You may hear from us any day now. Here is what is left to do before the v2 Beta launch:

  • Complete main API integration to the UI and eliminate all bugs.
  • Wrap up price oracle implementation for our initial lending pair. We have discussed and confirmed the solution and are working hard towards its implementation.
  • Deploy all relevant contracts on the mainnet and run all necessary initialization functions.
  • Deploy all relevant frontend and backend services to production with these contract addresses.

In the meantime, we are preparing a blog covering our vision for Warp v2 and the importance of our core pillars. 😉

Let’s Warp things up #WarpCommunity! 🚀

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