Warp devlog #17

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5 min readOct 17, 2022

Hello Warpies.

This past fortnight has included some big developments, including some structural changes to the project and team. The devs have been hard at work implementing our vision, while management has been pursuing opportunities surrounding some impromptu external interest of the Warp protocol and its unique vision.

Warp Team Recomposition

The Warp team has undergone some recent changes over the past weeks, with the goal to reduce burn rate and management overhead. This was performed to make the development more sustainable in case of a prolonged bear market, and to ensure the longevity and long-term success of the project. The team, in conjunction with our main supporters, Advanced Blockchain AG (ABAG), made the difficult decision to focus our resources on tech development towards the full-feature launch of V2.

As many of you know, as part of these difficult decisions, 30th of September was the last day of Shrimpy, our full-time community manager. Shrimpy was one of the project’s oldest community facing employees, and will be sorely missed by the OG’s (although he’s still hanging around in the TG). Furthermore, the marketing content lead of ABAG has also been retired as of the first week of October, and thus will no longer be assisting Warp in this regard. The team thank both for their service towards the Warp project and community.

On the management side, Bam, our Project Manager and Team Lead, has also moved on from Warp. This was a pre-planned move, and a thorough handover period occurred throughout the month of September. The team would also like to thank Bam for his excellent job of gathering and orchestrating all of the development/marketing/design, including external resources required in the lead up to the v2 Beta launch. Now that many of these tasks are resolved post v2 Beta launch, the project management load has reduced to less than a full-time role, as the team are settled and diligently working on their tasks.

Moving forward, the team is pleased to announce that “Mr Stiive” will be taking over the Project Lead position of Warp, and will help the team deliver on the next phases of the Warp protocol roll-out including Chisel and veWARP. Stiive has been working with Warp for more than 7months now, and has been a core driver of the future vision of the platform.

If you would like to get in contact with Stiive for questions, collaborations, or proposals — his socials are as follows;

Twitter; @MStiive

Telegram; @MrStiive

Furthermore, with the reduction of non-technical overhead, more resources are now available for development. The team is therefore in the process of onboarding an additional frontend developer resource to help implement the upcoming additional features for our users.

In short, we now have a more sustainable, task oriented team to deliver out the next phases of the Warp grand master plan.

Return of the Magazine

Due to the reduction of content resources, the Warp magazine will now be delivered monthly instead of bimonthly, with the DevLogs making a return in the fortnightly interim. Therefore the next Magazine (edition #05) will be on the 31st of October.

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Dev Updates

Featuring the latest development updates:

Chisel Audit

The team received some preliminary feedback on the Chisel audit request, which the team has been reviewing and providing answers where appropriate. As part of this, the auditors requested some additional details, including class and sequence diagrams which were prepared and filed. There is some high level code which we intend to refactor before the official audit commences, as well as take some time to improve our internal documentation.

Multisig and Alternative Wallet Support

To become compliant with larger lenders and institutional capital (including ABAG), requires the integration of multisig wallets, such as Gnosis. The team found that the way the contracts approve spending is not compatible with Gnosis as the transaction (e.g. deposit) needs to be pre-signed. The team tried different methods to separate the signing process (e.g. separately call ‘GrantAccess’ and ‘Deposit’) without luck. Finally the team made use of the so-called batched ‘Transaction Builder’ provided by Gnosis and was able to solve the problem! We are now ready to receive deposits from whales 🐳🙂

Furthermore, the team added support for Portis, WalletConnect & Coinbase Wallets

Infura Requests

The team noticed some strange behaviour on the Warp app from a sudden increase in Infura requests around September 30th, with a peak of up to 800,000 requests in one day. Infura is a paid service which provides the tools and infrastructure required for reliable access to the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. The team increased our security measures, and created a whitelist for only our services, and was able to resolve the issue.

Backend Work

The team spent some time cleaning up our repository, including resolving open merge requests, and consolidating different branches into three branches of ‘main’, ‘staging’, and active ‘dev’ branches.

Along with this refactoring, we redefined the release process such that we can more easily do hotfixes for high priority bugs, while maintaining an active development environment for frequent releases.

The team also switched relevant backend and frontend services such as ‘Service Public API’, ‘Subgraphs’, and ‘UI’ from Kovan to Goerli testnets, and cleaned up some minor issues.

1-Click Leverage

The team continues their work towards the 1-click flash loan implementation, including contract development and backend services which will be tested on Goerli. We aim to have this feature ready for launch in conjunction with the Chisel audit.

Concluding Note

The team is laser focused on delivering the next phases of the Warp vision in line with our roadmap. We believe the next-cycle narratives of a money marketing leveraging primary yield (#RealYield), while providing isolated and transparent risk, and genuine utility of tokenomics will ultimately lead to our success in DeFi domination.

Join one or more of our social platforms to follow our journey! We are creating DeFi’s first isolated lending protocol that optimizes yield-bearing receipt tokens, and much more!

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Warp Finance

DeFi’s first isolated lending protocol that optimizes yield-bearing receipt assets, and much more!