Warp Finance Relaunches with Additional Security Measures

Warp Finance
2 min readJan 15, 2021


Warp Finance is pleased to announce that its platform has relaunched, with the addition of a few new key features.

To ensure the security of our platform moving forwards, we have incorporated additional security measures beyond those existing at the launch of our protocol:

Enhancing Security by Performing and Reporting an Additional Security Audit of the Warp Finance Code:

After updating its code to incorporate additional security methods, Warp Finance sought a security review from an independent blockchain security consultant to thoroughly audit this reworked code. The main focus of this security review was to target fixes for the flash loan attack that occurred, as well as to ensure the security of updates to our price oracles. Warp Finance had previously had its code undergo a security audit prior to protocol launch, therefore there was no need for the present audit to review all aspects of the code beyond those related to flash loan vulnerability. Nonetheless, we had these components reviewed.

The security audit comprehensively reviewed the Warp Finance price oracle, particularly its valuation of LP tokens. The ultimate resolution to the identified issue was to switch from Uniswap price oracles to Chainlink price oracles, in order to correctly value LP tokens, and prevent future similar flash loan attacks. The price-determination calculations themselves were also optimized.

Specifics about the identified code issues and their implemented fixes can be found in our publicly-reported security audit review.

Promoting Community Feedback by Providing Warp Users with the Opportunity to Test and Shape our Platform:

To ensure community confidence in our new security measures as well as overall satisfaction with the design of the Warp Protocol, we have opened the opportunity for users to test and perform community reviews of the platform. These reviews will involve comprehensive user feedback. Once Warp Finance receives predominantly positive community feedback, we will restart rewards accrual.

Much is planned for Warp in the coming days — stay tuned.

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