Warp devlog #01

Internal liquidation bots activated for V2

This week our development team focused on preparing the liquidation bots for the launch of V2. Efficient liquidations are a key component to maintain proper collateralization and health on the platform. We have activated liquidation bots to monitor all open positions within a given contract and liquidate positions if their collateralization ratio, derived from the off-chain information about the price identifier value, drops below a certain threshold. The liquidation script is similar to the bot for Warp v1 that loops through all the accounts to determine underwater ones, then calls the contract with the appropriate addresses to liquidate. A liquidation occurs when the value of one’s borrowed assets (borrowing balance) is greater than one’s borrowing capacity (collateral factor). This occurs when one’s collateral drops in value or when the borrowed asset rises too high in value.

  • Submit feedback button fixed
  • User reported bugs submitted and resolved



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