the $warp magazine edition #04

The #Warparmy Strikes Back!

  1. Warp v2 Beta run-through explainer video
  2. Warp v2 Beta run-through explainer script
  3. AMA outlining the platform & addressing questions
  4. Deconstructing the Warp vision
  5. The $warp magazine edition #03
  6. Landing page
  7. New platform
  8. Old platform

Dev Updates

New Lending Pair Deployment

Snapshot Tally Service

UI Improvements

  • Ordering lending pairs based on the expiration date.
  • It is now more clear that the lending pair tokens on the “Markets” page are clickable
  • Fixing some display values (for example, the “MAX” allowed amount to repay should take into consideration a user’s current balance as well, not just how much he is in debt). This has not yet been deployed and is in review.
  • Adding some tooltips for better navigation. This has not yet been deployed and is in review.
  • Adding additional support for wallets, such as Coinbase Wallet and Portis. This has not yet been deployed and is in review.

$WARP Community

Q.1: When could we expect a TVL drive for Warp Finance? (@AverageDudeTrades, Telegram)

Q.2: Could we have an update on the status of the 1-click flash loan implementation? Could the process of using an interim third-party solution for leverage looping be explained? (@Scott_YYC, Telegram)

Q.3: The newly-released, short-term roadmap is insightful. That said, when could we realistically expect the Chisel and veWARP implementations? (@PhoenixFund, Telegram)

Stiive Alpha


Why Lend When You Can Mint?

Monday Blues

The Latest Internal News! 🤫

Chisel Updates

  • With regards to the Chisel Admin UI, we are streamlining the interface for admin or operator direction, to allocate and direct funds to different lending pairs through Chisel. We want to achieve maximum efficiency for such processes.
  • One of the additional incentives for users to use Chisel is the ability to stake Chisel receipt tokens, which are obtained by supplying funds to Chisel for lending pairs. By staking receipt tokens, users will receive $WARP tokens or other rewards. We are in the process of designing this solution for additional user incentives.

Concluding Note



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