The $warp magazine edition #03

The #Warparmy Returns

  1. Warp v2 Beta run-through explainer video
  2. Warp v2 Beta run-through explainer script
  3. AMA outlining the platform & addressing questions
  4. Deconstructing the Warp vision
  5. The $warp magazine edition #02
  6. AMA with Decentralized ETF
  7. Landing page
  8. New platform
  9. Old platform

Dev Updates

Chisel Contracts Implementation and Testing

Oracle Adapter and Saturation Implementation

1-Click Flash Loans Research

UI Improvements

$WARP Community

Q.1: Is there any update on the return of liquidity mining to the Warp v2 platform? (@davidmullin, Telegram)

Q.2: The Warp v2 Beta pairs have expired. When will the new pairs be implemented? (Anton, Telegram)

Q.3: Could Warp release a simplified guide on how to earn high APY with or without leverage? Many of us do not have yield farming experience and would appreciate it. (Shiba Master, Telegram)

Stiive Alpha

Chisel — the Ultimate Yield Aggregator of DeFi

Monday Blues

The Latest Internal News! 🤫

Internal Leak: NFT TVL-Drive?

Concluding Note



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