The $warp magazine edition #05

Star Warps; The Force Awakens

  1. Warp finance website
  2. v2 dApp platform
  3. Deconstructing the Warp vision (the three core pillars)
  4. Previous $warp magazine edition #01 ($WARP, the ultimate incentive mechanism)
  5. Previous $warp magazine edition #02 (Looping, the ultimate gains multiplier)
  6. Previous $warp magazine edition #03 (Chisel, the ultimate DeFi yield aggregator)
  7. Previous $warp magazine edition #04 (Lending versus minting)
  8. Old v1 platform

Dev Updates

Chisel Audit

1-Click Leverage Looping

Misc Frontend and Backend Updates

Warp Chisel Admin UI

Internal Documentation

$WARP Community

“Ready for Warpv2” — Featured art shared by kakashi_convex ( member)

Q.1: What’s the outcome from the poll to give more value to v1 nft? Will v1 nft have value in the next phase of warp? (@Dipps3000, Telegram)

Q.2: When loop? (Benji, Telegram)

Batbird Alpha


Chisel; B2B bribable TVL

  1. Demand for Blockspace
    e.g. security, infrastructure, mining (POW/POS), MEV, etc.
  2. Market Making
    e.g. trading platforms, liquidity providers, etc
  3. Money markets
    e.g. borrowing and lending, leverage, and capital efficiency.
  4. Risk Premia
    e.g. underwriting options, insurance, predictions, etc
  5. Valuable Governance
    e.g. in cases where governance outcomes have tangible economic impact
Inflation versus Real Yield; @shivsakhuja Twitter

The first B2B; LP-as-a-Service

WARP; the *NEW* LPaaS king maker!

  1. Buy/bribe veWARP to add alETH-ETH as an ETH lending pair on WARP
  2. Buy/bribe veWARP to direct ETH Chisel liquidity (TVL) towards the pair
Warp Finance; the new King maker

Chisel value accrual

Concluding Notes



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