The $warp magazine edition #06

Star Warps; Rogue One

  1. Warp finance website
  2. v2 dApp platform
  3. Deconstructing the Warp vision (the three pillars)
  4. $warp magazine edition #01 (WARP, the ultimate incentive mechanism)
  5. $warp magazine edition #02 (Looping, the ultimate gains multiplier)
  6. $warp magazine edition #03 (Chisel, the ultimate DeFi yield aggregator)
  7. $warp magazine edition #04 (Lending versus minting)
  8. $warp magazine edition #05 (Chisel; LP-as-a-Service)
  9. Old v1 platform

$WARP Community

Warp #1 — (Telegram, @arun8648)
“Warp9 server room” — Featured image by Elon Musk 😏 (twitter; @elonmusk)

Q.1: Can I stake my warp? (@VictorTelegramVic , Telegram)

Q.2: Guys, what’s veWARP? (Gaston, Telegram)

Q.3: Are there collabs with other projects coming soon? If yes what kind of collab will it be? (@CryptoPortal2, Twitter)

BatBird Alpha

B2B Recap

Stablecoins — “Crypto’s killer app”


FraxBP is not balanced and needs more USDC to avoid risking depegging on the open market

Lending Market Competition?

Algo-Stable Addressable Market

Concluding Note



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